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Leerpad: Esri ArcGIS Pro Foundation 2101

Categorie: Certificering

The ArcGIS Pro Foundational Exam tests the candidate's experience applying ArcGIS concepts and processes to workflows. Qualified candidates should demonstrate comprehension of basic GIS concepts within ArcGIS at an entry-level. Candidates should perform entry-level mapping and visualization tasks, editing, sharing, analysis, and data management tasks. Qualified candidates should have less than two years of applied experience and should be proficient in best practices and uses of ArcGIS Pro.

Leerpad: ArcGIS Desktop Associate 19-001

Categorie: Certificering

Validates ability to apply concepts and workflows to visualize, manage, and analyze geospatial data

Leerpad: ArcGIS Desktop Professional 19-001

Categorie: Certificering

Validates expertise in applying advanced concepts and knowledge to establish workflows and processes and to complete complex projects.