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E-MOOC: The Location Advantage (mei 2020)

Categorie: Esri MOOC's

Gain deeper insight, make more informed decisions.

Discover how location analytics gives organizations data-driven insight that leads to a competitive advantage. This course shows how to leverage the locational component of business data to better understand markets, customers, risk, and growth potential. You'll work with ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App software to perform market analysis; visualize demographic, customer, and competitor data; and share analysis insights with decision-makers using engaging maps and information products.

E-MOOC: Spatial Data Science: The New Frontier in …

Categorie: Esri MOOC's

Spatial data science allows analysts to extract deeper insight from data using a comprehensive set of analytical methods and spatial algorithms, including machine learning and deep learning techniques. This course explores the application of spatial data science to uncover hidden patterns and improve predictive modeling. You'll work with powerful analytical tools in Esri's ArcGIS software and learn how to integrate popular open data science packages into your analyses.

E-MOOC: Cartography.

Categorie: Esri MOOC's

Learn from Accomplished Cartographers Using World-Class GIS.

Once, only cartographers made maps. Today anyone can. Still, cartographers can teach people to make better maps, just as chefs can show people how to cook better meals. With coaching from experienced cartographers and practical, hands-on exercises using ArcGIS Pro, you'll become a smarter mapmaker, ready to go beyond the defaults and make better maps.

E-MOOC Going Places with Spatial Analysis

Categorie: Esri MOOC's

Gain a deeper understanding of spatial data analysis.

This course is for people who know something about data analysis and want to learn how the special capabilities of spatial data analysis provides deeper understanding. You'll get free access to the full analytical capabilities of ArcGIS Online, Esri's cloud-based GIS platform. Previous experience with GIS software is helpful but not necessary.