Beschikbare cursussen

K-ESRI City Engine (10.4)

Categorie: Overig

Esri CityEngine uses a rule-based approach to help you efficiently produce highly realistic 3D models. This course introduces the CityEngine procedural modeling workflow and best practices to create compelling 3D cities that can be used to visualize urban landscapes, explore impacts of proposed development, generate virtual city simulations, and support geodesign projects.

K-Exploring Enterprise GIS: A Workshop for Leaders…

Categorie: Overig

Get the key information you need to understand how your organization can deploy an enterprise GIS on the ArcGIS platform to full advantage. Organizations of all sizes rely on ArcGIS to execute mission-critical operations and deliver better service, but there may be untapped potential in your existing deployment.

In this workshop, the instructor will discuss common business patterns that drive initial GIS adoption and the unique platform capabilities that yield strategic insights and better decision making. Examples of how organizations in a variety of industries achieve value through enterprise utilization of ArcGIS tools, content, and workflows are presented.

B-Getting to Know Web GIS (presentations only)

Categorie: Overig

This best-selling book for the growing field of Web GIS features detailed, step-by-step exercises that teach readers how to share resources online and build web GIS apps quickly and easily. The third edition builds on the success of the previous two editions to match new releases of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Tutorials are migrated from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, with updates on big data analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI).