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7 - E-Analyses in ArcGIS Online

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

In deze training gaat u aan de slag met Analyses in ArcGIS Online en uw eigen data

8-Webapps configureren met de Web AppBuilder for A…

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

Learn how to create intuitive, focused web apps that are accessible on desktop and mobile devices—without writing any code. This course shows how to take advantage of existing web maps, themes, and widgets to build apps that feature your organization's branding and deliver the functionality your users require.

9-K-StoryMaps maken met ArcGIS Online (Creating St…

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

Thanks to their engaging user experience, story maps have achieved mass appeal as a vehicle to inform the public, engage stakeholders, and inspire an audience. This course—for anyone that wants to communicate with maps—teaches the concepts, best practices, and decisions that need to be made when creating and sharing a story map.

Getting to Know Web GIS (presentations)

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

This best-selling book for the growing field of Web GIS features detailed, step-by-step exercises that teach readers how to share resources online and build web GIS apps quickly and easily. The third edition builds on the success of the previous two editions to match new releases of ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Tutorials are migrated from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro, with updates on big data analysis, the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence (AI). 

K-Configureren van veldwerk-apps in ArcGIS (Survey…

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

Wilt u weten hoe u efficiënt nauwkeurige gegevens, die realtime besluitvorming ondersteunen, kunt verzamelen? Volg dan de training ‘Configureren van veldwerk-apps in ArcGIS’!

U leert alles over hoe ArcGIS een complete workflow voor veldgegevensbeheer ondersteunt – van kantoor tot het veld, in het veld en terug naar kantoor. Daarnaast leert u door middel van best-practices en toepassingen voor het configureren en implementeren van ArcGIS-veldproductiviteitsapps om aan uw behoeften voor gegevensverzameling te voldoen. Ook krijgt de gelegenheid om uw eigen iOS- of Android-apparaat te gebruiken om enkele cursusoefeningen te voltooien.

K-User Workflows for ArcGIS Online Organizations (…

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

This workshop introduces web maps, apps, and other authoritative content that may be available through your ArcGIS Online organizational site. You will see how this content helps you infuse your projects with geographic context, additional business intelligence, and visual impact. The instructor shows how to create and share web maps on an organizational site and from within Microsoft Excel. Concepts also apply to organizational sites created using Portal for ArcGIS.

E-MOOC Going Places with Spatial Analysis

Categorie: ArcGIS Online

Gain a deeper understanding of spatial data analysis.

This course is for people who know something about data analysis and want to learn how the special capabilities of spatial data analysis provides deeper understanding. You'll get free access to the full analytical capabilities of ArcGIS Online, Esri's cloud-based GIS platform. Previous experience with GIS software is helpful but not necessary.