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K-Distributing Data Using Geodatabase Replication

Categorie: Datamanagement

Distributing Data Using Geodatabase Replication.

This course teaches best practices to plan and implement geodatabase replication to support enterprise editing workflows and data-sharing initiatives. Learn how to protect the integrity and performance of your production database as data is collected and updated to reflect real-world conditions.

Versiebeheer in de multi-user geodatabase (10.7)

Categorie: Datamanagement

Learn a sound versioning workflow that minimizes disruption to editors, ensures the integrity of your organization's GIS data, and integrates well with existing business workflows. This course explores a variety of versioned editing workflows and examines how versioning decisions impact data accuracy and database performance.

K- Datamanagement in de multi-user geodatabase

Categorie: Datamanagement

This course prepares you to successfully create a multiuser geodatabase that stores and manages your organization's authoritative geographic data. Learn about the multiuser geodatabase architecture and apply techniques to efficiently load data, assign user privileges, and maintain performance over time.

Note: During course exercises, you may work with the RDBMS product that is relevant for your organization (Oracle Database 11g Express Edition, Microsoft SQL Server, or PostgreSQL).